At GCB fairness is a fundamental element in the development of our conformity assessment activities, to ensure compliance with this principle, we have the following safeguards:

A) Threats for personal interests: All the members who collaborate in GCB have a labor contract, no one gets any gratification for the development of their activities, and all have a monthly salary, to avoid some type of financial pressure.

B) Threats for self-examination: At GCB, no one evaluates their own work, we do not give consultations, nor do internal audits to the companies to which we have certified. The operational procedures indicate those responsible for supervising each of the activities that we carry out in the certification process of the companies, to ensure compliance with this subsection.

C) Threats by Familiarity: Every auditor who collaborates in GCB has a code of ethics F-027 and letter of confidentiality F-028 indicating that they must notify the Director of Certification of the existence of a family or personal bond in the Company to which it has been assigned to carry out the audit, as well as whether it has provided consulting services, performed internal audits, etc., in these cases, the Certification Director should replace the auditor, if Notifies this situation to the Certification Director, the auditor will be awarded a sanction, in cases in which the auditor has repeatedly audited the same company was made change of auditor, will be kept only in those cases in which the client expresses Which does not want change, so that continuous improvement in the system is observed.

D) Threats for intimidation: All auditors have a code of ethics F-027 and letter of confidentiality F-028, which states that the development of our activities is carried out without any pressure. GCB has a certification committee, which is staff in the industrial, commercial, chambers, and general interest sectors that safeguard all activities carried out in conformity assessment ensuring the impartiality of GCB activities


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