The purpose of a quality management system is to ensure an organization's ability to provide regular and consistent products and services that meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the expectations of customers and parties concerned. The final product obtained after each audit is a complete report of the evidences and findings during the evaluation process that will allow your organization to make the correct decisions and an adequate planning of its management system with the objective of optimizing the satisfaction of its Customers and reducing the costs of non-quality. The implementation of quality management systems facilitates the integration of other management systems in the organization. 

Certification Benefits:

  • Benefits of certification. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, because it ensures that your requirements are considered.

  • Increased productivity since products and services are realized with reduced operational costs.

  • Transfer of knowledge within the organization.

  • Control of the processes through a system of continuous checks that allows detecting errors and preventing them. 

  • It ensures the standardization of processes through documented working methods.

  • Professionalization and motivation of the workers in the accomplishment of their tasks and in the achievement of the quality objectives. 

  • Follow-up to the process of continuous improvement of the organization that will lead to the increase of the quality in the products and services through periodic audits.

  • Ease of access to markets of more demanding customers and consumers.