ISO 14001 is the internationally recognized standard for Environmental Systems Management. This standard provides guidance on how to manage the environmental aspects of your activities, products and services more effectively, taking into account the protection of the environment, pollution prevention and socio-economic needs. 

Demonstrating your commitment to the environment and sustainable development will positively impact the success of your organization both in the short and long term and will provide the following benefits: 

  • It improves your corporate image, as well as its relations with both public opinion and with the administrations and authorities of your local community. 

  • Better use of energy and water conservation, careful selection of raw materials and controlled recycling of waste all contribute substantially to cost savings which increases your competitive advantage. 

  • It reduces the financial burden as a result of the implementation of reactive management strategies, such as recovery, cleaning and payment of penalties for infringing the applicable environmental legislation. 

  • It ensures respect for environmental legislation and reduces the risk of fines and possible litigation. It improves the quality of workplaces, employee morale and adherence to corporate values. 

  • It can open up new business opportunities in markets where the implementation of production processes that respect the environment is important.