ISO-22000 is the international standard of food safety management systems for the entire supply chain, from farmers and stockbreeders to processors as well as packaging, transportation and point-of-sale, is applicable to all organizations that are Directly involved in the food value chain. The standard ensures food safety from the farm to its fork and can be used by organizations of any size. This standard exhibits the requirements for a food safety management system that integrate interactive communication, system management, and prerequisite programs (PPR). The standard focuses on ensuring the supply chain, has principles of integrated management systems and is aligned with the HACCP principles of the Codex Alimentarius.


The potential benefits of ISO 22000 are numerous, but the most important are tangible and demonstrable improvements in food safety performance and a higher level of assurance in the area of ​​legal compliance. 

The certification of ISO 22000 will allow you to: 

  • Operate a food safety management system within a well-defined and clear framework that is flexible to the needs and expectations of your business.

  • Understand what the real risks are for consumers and for your organization.

  • Have a tool to improve the performance of food safety as well as the means to effectively monitor and measure the performance of food safety.

  • Achieve and demonstrate through a system the legal compliance of food safety and corporate requirements.

  • Increase customer satisfaction, complying with the requirements established and agreed with him.

  • Reduce risks and prevent claims or sanctions.